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Founded in 2020, Precision Pyro LLC is a family-owned company with a rich history in the fireworks display industry. Our mission is to offer the best displays possible, utilizing the latest in technology, and customizing each display to each client’s ideal taste while remaining within budget.

We offer a full range of pyrotechnic and fireworks displays, from simple gender reveals or personal birthday parties to fully automated displays of pyrotechnics, fireworks, and special FX synchronized to music and lighting for live stage performances in front of thousands.

What sets us apart is our commitment to constant client contact, ensuring each show is exactly what they request. We ensure EVERY show is performed exactly as quoted with our quality control processes. Our commitment to safety, quality, and innovation is second to none.

From our humble beginnings performing at local race tracks, we have grown to multiple teams performing shows across the state on the same day. We have also had the privilege of performing with several nationally recognized musical artists during Electric Forest.

Our team is our greatest asset. Comprised of technicians from various fireworks and live entertainment backgrounds, our team covers all aspects of both industries. From PGI Grand Master shell builders and award-winning display operators to head technical engineers of large performance venues, our team brings expertise from multiple industries with a large amount of experience to ensure we have everything covered. At Precision Pyro LLC, EVERY member of our staff is key to our success!

Precision Pyro llc was born with the idea of offering a local option for fireworks displays and pyrotechnics.
With years of experience and a desire for that "perfect" moment, we strive to make every show just that!
Precision timing and our eye for detail is what makes us stand out from the competition.
With your imagination and our experience we can make your dream show a reality!
Please contact us at any time to discuss your needs!

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